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Neil Cavuto on Gov’t Toyota Findings

Fox’s Neil Cavuto spoke about the Federal Investigation that found no issues with Toyota’s electronic systems. The transcript follows and it’s a good read:

I’ve be waiting on the wires for someone at the White House to apologize to Toyota today. So I’ll keep looking for anyone in the government to apologize to Toyota. The ones who said Toyota was darn near Lucifer on wheels and happy with killing people, and that virtually all Toyotas had serious flaws.

How else do you explain all the Toyota cars suddenly accelerating and forcing the auto maker to recall more than 12 million vehicles? Don’t tell the transportation department guys it was just a stupid floor mat or a stressed-out driver. It had to be something deeper. More sinister. Electronic. Right? Wrong. Apparently very wrong.

Transportation secretary Ray Lahood is saying so himself. And I quote:

“We enlisted the best and brightest engineers to study Toyotas electronic system. The verdict is in: There is no electronic-based cause for unintended acceleration.”

This is after Toyota said the same thing, it couldn’t find any electronic flaws. Even after the company paid $8 million in fines for recalls that it spearheaded, that it suggested — not the government. Even after the government enlisted NASA engineers to rigorously examine Toyota cars and review 280,000 lines of software code in those cars. After all of that, even our best and brightest with rockets could find nothing electronically wrong with the cars.

So after having its name dragged through the mud, its reputation destroyed worldwide, after being made the brunt of jokes, not so much as “oops, sorry guys” from our government.

Trust me, I have no Tercel or horse or whatever in the race. I’m not an apologist for Toyota. Just a guy suggesting that maybe someone in government should just apologize to Toyota. They’re due that.

Or maybe all of this was a sham… To help someone else at a weird time.

Transcribed from Neil Cavuto, Fox News, 2/8/2011


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