2012 Celica – Wesley Chapel Toyota

About 2012 Toyota CelicaThe manufacturers are looking to introduce a sales winner into the new lineup for Toyota. However, a lot has to be done in order to make that happen given the intense competition in the auto market today and this is expected to stay the same with the coming year. Hence, the 2012 Toyota Celica will be subjected into the magnifying glass as consumers are curious to see what new things are in store for them.

Several reports were claiming that this is being developed by Toyota as a sports car and will therefore be amped up in terms of the powertrain capability, managing to edge out the likes of Subaru. The 2012 Toyota Celica is undeniably a head-turner with the exterior enhancements introduced here. This is a two-door, four-seater sports coupe that will surprise you in terms of price, but impress in terms of what it can do. If you have long been wanting to get yourself a sports car, now is the time to do so.

The exterior features of this vehicle model really does exhibit the modern look. It comes with a sloped roof and comes with a high price looks. But don’t be deceived now that you know better! On the interior aspect, this one is primarily built for comfort. However, it might not be as roomy as most would have hoped when carrying adult passengers, so don’t depend on this for long trips.

In terms of powertrain performance, the 2012 Toyota Celica has got it. It is equipped with a four-cylinder engine and a rear-wheel drive system. The exact details as to what this engine is capable of doing is not yet provided. However, the manufacturers have assured fans that it is a high performing and relatively low cost sports coupe.

Pro’s of 2012 Toyota Celica

*Modern look and styling to offer a stylish ride;

*Reliable powertrain performance;

*Affordable price tag in comparison to some other sports cars in the market;

*Comfortable seating;

*Feels and drives like it is built for performance.  


Con’s of 2012 Toyota Celica

*Not ideal for long trips due to the limited space, especially in the back seat.

Release Date of 2012 Toyota Celica

2011 toyota Celica will be available from early 2012

Pricing Details

Since the release of the 2012 Toyota Celica won’t be happening until about the first quarter of the year 2011, price information on this new vehicle model is still a bit sketchy at this point. However, many of you who might be expecting that the $17,000 US price tag on this model will happen most lower your expectations. Even the manufacturers at Toyota cannot guarantee that. And is expectedly so, given the wide range of improvements that has been accommodated in this vehicle’s development.


The Bottom Line

The arrival of the 2012 Toyota Celica is truly a wonderful gift for those auto consumers who have long been aspiring to own a sports car but just could not afford them. With the look and performance of its higher priced counterparts, you will surely delight with the value for money that this all new model has to offer consumers.

2012 Toyota Celica


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