10 Automakers with the Most Recalls – Is Yours on this List?

There is no doubt that one of the hottest topics on anyone’s mind these days is automotive recalls. Often we hear “What’s with all these recalls…?” Most people would be surprised to know that recalls and other service related bulletins are fairly common place. So without further adieu, here are the 10 automakers with the most recalls to date.

10. Plymouth – 736 recalls Bringing up the rear is the now defunct Plymouth brand. We all know that Plymouth was part of the Chrysler Corporation before it got the axe. Remember the cute little Neon? Well back in 1995, there were four separate recalls on its brake system components. Sometimes, the brake lines would corrode and you would suffer an immediate loss of brake pressure and wouldn’t be able to stop.

9. Jeep – 768 recalls Another division of Chrysler, Jeeps are known for their rugged durability and off –road prowess. That’s great unless you used a 2007 Jeep Wrangler to tow a trailer. You see, that particular Jeep had a tow bar kit recall which would fail and cause you to lose your trailer. Imagine getting to your camping site without any of your stuff?

8. Pontiac – 959 recalls Yes, another now-dead brand finds its way onto this list. What happened with Pontiac? One of its volume vehicles – the Vibe – was subject to recalls just last year. It seems that in cold weather, the brakes would lose vacuum pressure and you would lose your brakes. Lets just say this didn’t go over too well with Vibe owners in Alaska and some of the colder lower 48.

7. Honda – 1,041 recalls Honda is known for its longevity, build quality, and re-sale value. I guess everyone makes mistakes. One of the biggest offenders is the Accord. When you sell so many, there are bound to be more recalls, right? The 2000 Accord in particular had an issue with its ignition switch. Drivers of this particular model reported being able to take the ignition key out of the ignition while the car was not in park yet. This allowed the driver to exit the vehicle with it off just in time for it roll down a hill. Oops!

6. BMW – 1,165 recalls BMW: the German automaker known for its engineering prowess and high performance luxury vehicles seemed to have a particular issue with its 1995 M3. This high performance sports car was designed with the cruise control and throttle cables being mounted to the same valve. The only issue is that valve might fail causing it to remain open even if you turn off the cruise control and sending the car careening out of control when the driver expected a smooth and steady deceleration.

5. Volvo – 1,384 recalls Ever since being incorporated into the Ford family, Volvo recalls have seen an increase. Take its big luxury sedan – the S80 for instance. In 2008, the S80’s computer software might not play nice with the electrical fuel pump causing the car to stall out. But worst of all, the residual pressure in the fuel lines might allow you to get going just fine but then cut out just when you are passing a semi on the highway, navigating a dangerous intersection, or crossing some railroad tracks, for example.

4. Dodge – 2,542 recalls Yet another Chrysler Corporation stable mate finds its way onto this list. If you add up Dodge, Jeep, and Plymouth, that’s 4,046 recalls in total! Take, for example, the Dodge Grand Caravan – the definition of a family hauler. In 1996, a recall was issued stating that child seat restraints might get stuck causing you to be unable to get your child out of the car: a tough spot to be in when little Timmy is late for soccer practice.

3. GMC – 2,816 recalls Since 1988, the GMC Sierra has racked up a total of 100 recalls. In 2005, the Sierra had an airbag system recall. If you owned a Sierra and decided to add a seat cushion of some kind, this addition might trick the air bag system into thinking no one was in the passenger seat and the system would be disabled.

2. Chevrolet – 4,300 recalls Just so that the Chrysler brands don’t get lonely, adding up Chevy, GMC, and Pontiac, GM accrues 8,075 recalls. The popular Blazer model suffered from a recall in 1996 models caused by a faulty fuel filter seal. This seal could leak causing a pretty serious fire hazard. This puts gas mileage on the backburner of Chevy Blazer concerns.

1. Ford – 5,039 recalls Leading the pack of single brand recalls is Ford. Ford may be responsible for the most serious recall ever in 2008 where its various cars and SUV’s were equipped with cruise control buttons that would spontaneously catch fire – even after being parked for hours. That’s right…the buttons caught fire.

There you have it, the 10 most common automakers to issue recalls. If you were wondering which automaker has had the least number of recalls. That would be Merkur with 1 recall for its Scorpio model. This makes sense since Merkur was only in product from 1985 to 1989 and had two models.



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